Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers – Your Guide

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Renting a van, recruiting friends as movers, and carrying a lot of heavy stuff through narrow hallways – moving yourself takes a lot of time and can be extremely stressful. The alternative for DYI Removals? Hiring movers. Hiring a local removalist company is your key to avoiding all of the stress, turmoil, and grief that comes with moving house. If you’re considering moving yourself vs hiring movers, there are a few things to consider and pros and cons to be weighed up. This guide will help you make the right decision for your next big move in Sydney.

DIY removals vs. hiring movers – pros and cons

Finding the right approach to moving yourself vs. hiring movers is going to be easy for some. For others, things like time, budget, available participants, vehicles, and distance are all going to need to be taken into consideration.

Moving yourself – a budget-friendly compromise

Moving comes with one obvious advantage: It’s cheap. You’ll most likely still need to spend money, for example on a truck or van, as well as meals for your helping friends and family.

On a tight budget, this may be the only option available to you. Depending on when the new key is handed over and the old key is handed in, DIY removals offer the advantage of being able to divide up the upcoming tasks over time.

Hiring movers – safe your time and friendships

Hiring removalists offers a lot of benefits in comparison to moving yourself. Here’s a breakdown of each pro of hiring a removalist company:

They’ll do the heavy lifting

First, you’ll get rid of a lot of work and stress. If you’re hiring movers, they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. While moving furniture and white goods sounds easy enough, lifting heavy objects incorrectly can quickly lead to lower back pain or more serious injuries.

An efficient process

Movers are experienced in moving house – they know what they are doing. Even though each of us has helped with a move or had friends and family members help us, we’ll never be able to match the efficiency and effectiveness of a team of movers who do it day in and day out.

Professional movers deal with the issue of moving daily. They know which items should be packed and loaded into the truck first, how to secure them, and how many fragile objects should be handled. If something should actually break, they are also insured, and the damage will be compensated.


Often, the thought of having to drive a large van is not at all appealing to the person moving. This is another task that is taken care of by professional movers, and at the same time, you don’t have to burden someone from your circle of friends and relatives. Again, this is part of their daily work routine, and the vehicle will come within the costs of hiring movers. This saves not only organisational effort but also stressful moments in traffic.

Packing experts

Finally, hiring movers allows you to break the unwritten rule against volunteers, because “all moving boxes are packed and ready to transport” loses its validity. Instead, professional movers can also be assigned to perform this task. This can be a real time saver, especially for households with many items or many family members, such as children, who do not pack properly themselves.

hiring movers vs doing it yourself

Considerations to make when moving

To make the right decision in the inner moving yourself vs. hiring movers’ debate, there are many different factors to consider. It is helpful to consider the status quo of the crucial factors and to make a logical decision based on this information.

1. Your amount of belongings

 The first thing you should do is take a good look at your apartment or house: What is coming with you? What is being thrown away? Do certain items have to be disposed of or donated? How many full boxes did you have when you moved into this place, and how many have been added since then?

These questions will give you a better sense of the actual amount of work involved in DYI removals vs hiring a removalist.

2. The old & new location

In addition to the number of items to be moved, the old and new locations also play an important role in weighing your moving yourself against hiring movers. Consider how accessible each property is, parking, and how you plan on getting things in and out of your old and new place.

3. How to transport

 After getting an idea of how many items and boxes need to be moved from A to B, the question of a suitable moving vehicle remains. Can the move be managed with your own vehicle? Are there friends, relatives, or acquaintances who can be asked for a large, spacious vehicle? Does an appropriate vehicle have to be rented? For how long?

All considerations that need to be thought out before choosing a DIY removal over a removalist company in Sydney! 

4. Volunteers

Apart from packing boxes, one hardly ever moves alone. At this point, if you’re planning on moving yourself, think about those around you who might be able to help out on the day. Think about who you have helped with the move, who lives near location A or B, who has a suitable additional vehicle and, above all, who you can really rely on. 

I mean, let’s be honest: no one LOVES being called up to help with a friend move. Our advice? Save your friendships and hire the experts. 

5. Budget vs. value

Finally, you should consider what budget you have for this move and how much it is worth to you to make the move stress-free, efficient, and complete within one full day.

Take the above considerations and weigh them up. More often than not, hiring removalists actually ends up being a lot cheaper and more efficient than trying to move yourself. While the packing and unpacking of your belongings can be done quite easily, loading, transporting, and bringing them into your new house is what’s going to cause the most stress while doing it alone.

moving yourself vs hiring movers


In conclusion, DYI removals vs hiring movers is a hard decision to make. With enough time and energy, moving yourself can save you money. However, if you are lacking time to do it yourself or don’t feel confident with this big task aside from your daily life, hiring movers makes your move quicker, safer, and less stressful.

Let’s be honest – moving yourself is not something that is going to provide any value. In fact, it’s often something that ends up putting you out of pocket and will waste a lot of time. Outer Space Removalists are your leading Sydney removal company. Providing a stress-free move around Sydney is our speciality – get in touch with our team today to discuss costs, timeframes, and when we can help you with your big move.

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