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Incoming Transmission!

Where do we come from? Was it the Big Bang, or a creation of God himself?… Why are we here? Who really knows… what we do know is that our mission is to make this journey as pleasant as possible.

We take our shuttles through space & time to help you move stress free. We have expert pilots and co-pilots that have traveled thousands of light years to be right here, right now… to help you.

Our experience was gained with time. For the last three solar years, we’ve been orbiting Sydney, using the best of our skills to transport goods safely and efficiently. We know that moving is not easy… so let us take over the hard work.

Quality service is our main goal, this is why our Mission Specialist will assist you during this experience. To make contact with him we offer four different communication channels: Calls, SMS, Social Media and Email.

Our Stationary Crew consists of 10 strong, polite and experienced hard working Spacemen. Long training hours made of these cadets the skilled Specialists that they are today. Our team travels to some of the most popular suburbs in Sydney including Bondi, Manly, Canada Bay, Canterbury, Surry Hills, Lane Cove, Mosman, Ryde, South Sydney, Lindfield, and many more!

Our rovers and motherships have moved more than 2.000 households to their new habitats. Nothing is too big or too heavy for us, we know how to handle gravity with care and precision. We are trained for all types of terrain and atmosphere. Time is sensitive and we understand that, so we do our best to make this journey as fast and smooth as we can.

Check our reviews for further intel about our pristine performance. Buckle up and sit back. We’ll take it from here.

End of transmission.
We come in Peace.

Outer Space Removalist Team.

Iain Shields 

As soon as he arrives you will hear his funny british accent. His mission is to take care of every little detail and deliver your furniture before moonlight.

More than 1.000 jobs done under his watch, he definitely is an experienced and top removalist of the Eastern Suburbs.

Also known as  “George”.

 Joaquin “J” Cahis

Master in assemblies and complex tasks. When things seem to have no solution just sit back and watch him work his magic. 

Need to put together a Space Station? Give him the parts and an oxygen tank. With a couple of allen keys he’ll get your new home set and ready to go.

Will command from a small van to a great space shuttle!

Felix Garcia

4 years of experience and a long CV in house and office moves.

Prepared for big moves with special care in details, friendly and polite.


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