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Moving Crates Sydney

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Moving Crates Sydney

Looking for moving crates in Sydney to ensure the seamless transition between your old and new home? Forget rounding up old shoe boxes to store your belongings, choose the moving crates Sydney residents rely on for safe and durable transportation of their belongings. Outer Space Removals supply sustainable, sturdy, and lasting moving boxes in various sizes to get you packed up and ready to move quickly.

Moving homes can be a stressful experience; however, with the use of Outer Space Removals top moving boxes, Sydney residents can have this process simplified. Outer Space Removals is your one-stop-shop for a completed moving service, from providing boxes for packing to loading the belongings on our trucks for transport to your new home or office.


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Multipurpose Moving Boxes in Sydney

Outer Space Removals has both cardboard and plastic moving boxes in Sydney for use across a wide range of circumstances. Our team has experience in commercial, residential, and industrial moves, alongside the equipment to make your move happen on time.

At Outer Space Removals, we will deliver your estimated amount of boxes to you, as well as other necessary packing materials. From there, we will return on moving day to collect and easily move your goods to their next destination. You will only be charged for the number of boxes you use, so best to overestimate than to be caught short when it comes time to pack your boxes.

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We plant 1 tree for every job we do

Equivalent to 0.3 tonne of CO2 offseting or 1179.5 km in a standard car. Our efforts are solely focused on providing a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly removal service. We use recycled plastic crates, rely on biodegradable plastic and bubble wrap, and are committed to planting a tree every time we complete a job.

Moving Boxes Sydney FAQ

Why Do I Need Moving Boxes in Sydney?

Outer Space Removals moving boxes are the safest and most durable way of transporting your belongings between locations. Whether you need simple cardboard boxes for moving books or everyday belongings, or more rigid plastic crates for fragile items like wine or electronics, we have you covered.

Any time you move your items, you should ensure they are packed carefully and held securely in sturdy boxes. Standardising your moving boxes guarantees they fit easily into moving vehicles, allowing you to carry more of your things, in fewer trips.

Outer Space Removals boxes are easy to label, which ensures you know where your items are, making the process of packing and unpacking a breeze. Losing small items in a move is an accepted fate nowadays. Still, we are determined to change this perception through a diligent packing and labelling service with easily identified moving boxes.

Sustainable Recycled Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney

Make your next move an environmentally conscious one with Outer Space Removals. When you hire our heavy-duty plastic crates, you are contributing to the effective reuse of plastics for good. These plastic moving crates are stackable and can be conveniently collated for transport within our trucks. We recommend using these plastic crates for more fragile items, as their sturdy frame enables them to withstand more movement in the moving process.

Coupled with the use of fully recyclable materials, to make your next move even greener, we will ensure one tree is planted for every job we do. We’re looking to offset the emissions of every job and are determined to provide the most sustainable moving service in Sydney.

Trust in the Experts

Searching for a removal company that offers the complete service used to be a tough quest. However, your search is over. Forget worrying about multiple companies that are responsible for boxes, moving or storage. When you contact Outer Space Removals, every stage of your move will be taken care of. Gone are the days of dealing with companies with unfriendly customer service or those who waste your money by dawdling through the job. Our team is committed to providing a comprehensive and friendly service for our customers, without wasting time.

Removalists are no longer just responsible for the heavy lifting. All logistics around your move should be handled by your removalist company. Outer Space removals will pack, move, and unpack your home or office with the utmost care to ensure nothing is damaged throughout the move. The best moving boxes Sydney are durable and will keep your items safe from harm throughout their journey in the back of our truck or van.

When Will You Deliver the Crates or Moving Boxes To Me?

When you book the Outer Space Removals moving boxes hire service, a team member will endeavour to be with you on the same day. If not, we should be able to deliver the following business day. Whether you choose cardboard or plastic moving boxes in Sydney, our team will get those to you as soon as possible, so we can get you to your next location faster. If no one is able to sign at your home or office, we will still deliver the boxes if there is a safe place for us to leave them.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Moving Boxes Sydney?

This cost depends on how many boxes you are looking to hire from Outer Space Removals, the time frame, and the type of moving crate you require.

Hiring our moving boxes is subject to a different pricing structure than our standard removal costs, so if you are interested in hiring the best moving boxes Sydney as part of your service, contact a member of our team on 0488 842 478 to get a quote.

The best way to reduce the cost of moving your goods is by packing them securely with moving boxes in Sydney prior to the arrival of an Outer Space Removal team member. Packing before the removal vehicle arrives will ensure that the boxes are easily packed into the van or truck for transport to their next location.

Will You Collect Removal Boxes After Use?

As part of Outer Space Removals' complete service, following the conclusion of your move and unpacking of your items, we will return to pick up the hired boxes or crates to prepare them for use again by our next customers. We will do our best to assist you in the unpacking process as part of the move, to get you settled into your new home or office as soon as possible.

How Do I Place an Order for Plastic Moving Boxes?

The best way to place an order for rental moving boxes is by phoning a team member on 0488 842 478 or via our online portal. From there a member of our staff will be in contact with you to ask a few questions about the nature of your move and the required quantity you need. We take a small deposit before the job, and then you will receive a total amount following the conclusion of the move that takes into account how many boxes you ended up using. We won't charge you for any plastic or cardboard moving boxes that are unused, so it is best to give a generous estimation for how many you will need, rather than being stuck without boxes on the day of the move.

Where Does Your Moving Crates Sydney Service Reach?

We can deliver and rent out our moving boxes all across Greater Sydney, generally working within 20km from our base in Bondi. With enough notice, we can service further than that too, but we recommend getting in contact with us first so we can work out the best way to get to you. For a full list of over 200 suburbs that we service, please see our locations page.

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Need crates to move your belongings? Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made of recycled materials. All crates are made of recycled plastic and can be used more than 400 times.