Moving and Storage Sydney

Moving and Storage Sydney

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Moving and Storage Sydney

Moving home or office is stressful – there’s no doubt about it. What can make this process worse is not having a place to store your belonging if they are not quite ready to make the move over to your new location. Whether you need short term, immediate, long-term, or interim storage, Outer Space Removals provide the most comprehensive moving and storage Sydney service.

Residential and Commercial movers can use our state-of-the-art storage facility that caters to the storage of goods of all sizes. Both removals and storage in Sydney are a breeze with Outer Space - our warehouse offer a range of storage options. Whether your goods come in containers, crates or freestanding, our racking will ensure they are stored in a perfect condition until you next need them.


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Storage Alongside Sydney Moving Services

At Outer Space Removals, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether we are moving or storing your goods, our storage service is flexible and can easily be personalised to meet your personal or commercial needs. If you need a secure place to store a family heirloom for a few weeks, or somewhere to keep office supplies for months, Outer Space Removals has you covered.

We do not operate with lock-in contracts, so you are entirely in control of your goods and can access them when you need them. Best of all, if you need your goods removed from storage and delivered to your home or office, we can do that as well! You will not need to come to our storage facility to collect your belongings at any stage.

Our service ensures you will only pay for the space you use. Costs are based on the items you want to store and for how long you want to keep them. Compared to self-storage unit pricing, which is standardised and rarely considers how much you actually wish to store.

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We plant 1 tree for every job we do

Equivalent to 0.3 tonne of CO2 offseting or 1179.5 km in a standard car. Our efforts are solely focused on providing a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly removal service. We use recycled plastic crates, rely on biodegradable plastic and bubble wrap, and are committed to planting a tree every time we complete a job.

Moving And Storage Sydney Frequently Asked Questions

Is your storage secure?

Your peace of mind is guaranteed when you choose to store your belongings with Outer Space Removals. Our purpose-built storage facility is protected with alarms and 24/7 security. The facility is serviced with nightly inspections, and all staff are subject to a background check. All items that are stored in our facility are given a meticulous condition report that will be used when the items are removed from storage.

We do not offer storage for hazardous or highly flammable goods, so all belongings stored with us are in safe hands with minimal room for external or internal damage. We take the time to individually wrap, and pad belongs prior to storing. We use free stand racking for all more oversized and bulky items to ensure they are not damaged or dented over extended storage in a crate.

Our warehouse team conducts frequent security audits, pest control processes and fire risk assessments to maintain the facilities' high standard. The storage complex meets a national fire code for flame reduction, and we guarantee there will be no hazardous materials stored in the building.

who might need storage during or after a move?

The logistics around a move can be complicated and stressful. Hiring out a self-storage garage might seem like a great idea until it comes to transporting the goods there. Outer Space Removals provides a comprehensive moving and storage Sydney service and will ensure all of your belongings are transported where you want them to go.

Everything but the sofa heading to the new home? Don't worry; we'll ensure it's packed safely away and taken to our storage facility, letting you worry about the decoration of the new place.

For commercial customers looking to downsize their office, Outer Space can store any leftover electrical equipment or office furniture that might be required again later on. Don't stress about needing to sell off excess furniture at a huge loss before moving. Store it safely and securely with Outer Space until it is next required.

From moving to storing and everything in between, Outer Space handles the removals and storage Sydney residents rely on to move quickly and hassle-free.

How Much Do The Removals And Storage Sydney Service Cost?

The total cost for outer space to both move and store your belongings is dependent on what you need to store and for how long. We are more than willing to negotiate more extended and shorter-term contracts with our customers and enjoy developing personalised solutions for both personal and commercial storage options.

Without information on the quantity of the goods you are looking to store or for the amount of time, it is hard to provide a guaranteed quote online. Your best course of action is to call a member of the Outer Space removal team on 0488 842 478 and provide further details of your storage requirements so we can get a price for you.

What Suburbs Do You Service?

We collect items for storage from both residential and commercial locations within a 20km radius from Bondi. If you are in the suburbs, listen on our locations page, we will come to you to collect your belongings and transport them to our facility at an all-inclusive cost. If your suburb is not listed, please still get in contact with us, and we will see if we can work out a way to help you get the removal and storage service you require.

How Long Can I Store My Goods?

Our storage options are entirely influenced by your needs. From short term storage to long term requirements, we will tailor a storage solution for you. We do not have a minimum or maximum time you are able to store your belongings with us, and our pricing will be indicative of how long you wish to keep your goods with us.

Can I Come And Collect My Goods from Your Facility?

Absolutely, with enough notice, we can get your belongings ready for collection from our facility when you need them. After contacting our friendly staff, we will let our team know to get your belongings out from their storage position and ready for collection usually the next day after contacting our team.

How Much Can I Store With Outer Space Removals?

Our storage facilities can take on items of all shapes and sizes. Our modular storage solutions ensure goods are packed away neatly and readily accessible when you need them. We use stackable storage crates that protect your goods and keep them well ventilated to avoid mould. For goods to be stored properly in this way, they need to be able to fit inside out containers. Oversized goods are subject to a different storage process and pricing structure. For more information, get in touch with our team today.

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Need crates to move your belongings? Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made of recycled materials. All crates are made of recycled plastic and can be used more than 400 times.