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Partner with the removalists St Peters locals trust to get the job done on-time, with minimal fuss. Outer Space Removals is a locally owned and operated removalist company in Sydney that is committed to taking the stress out of your big move. We understand that getting in and out of your St Peters home or office is daunting enough without worrying about how you are going to move your personal possessions.

Finding a St Peters removal company that you can trust can be hard work. In an industry plagued by clock watchers and questionable customer service, Outer Space Removals is committed to delivering reliable moving solutions. Our team will pack, move, and unpack your St Peters home with the utmost care to ensure nothing is broken or damaged along the way. What's more, our removalist team has extensive experience navigating the tricky backstreets of St Peters, which means that we can park, load, and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Servicing St Peters from $110 P/H*

Renowned for a rapidly developing infrastructure with shops, offices, and housing popping up, St Peters is one of more than 200 locations around Sydney that the Outer Space Removals team services. The cost of St Peters removalists starts at $110/HR (+ GST) for our popular two space mates package. If you are looking to get your move done in record time, our 3 space mates + 4.5 tonne truck package costs just $185/HR (+ GST) and is the ideal solution for you. Whatever your needs, let our St Peters team make your next move as stress-free as possible.

Providing the best removalists in St Peters with competitive rates, we're confident that we can deliver an excellent service – regardless of your requirements! Whether you're on the seventh or the ground floor, require furniture removals or additional packing materials; we've got your back. Outer Space Removals are renowned for offering the most reliable, professional, and effective moving service in St Peters, Sydney.

Don't waste any more time trying to book the cheapest removalist in Sydney. From St Peters NSW to anywhere across Sydney, moving house with Outer Space Removalists is the way to go. Whether you're booking inner west or eastern suburbs moving services you'll save money, time, and energy, and we'll make sure the entire moving process easier than ever before.

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We plant 1 tree for every job we do

Equivalent to 0.3 tonne of CO2 offseting or 1179.5 km in a standard car. Our efforts are solely focused on providing a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly removal service. We use recycled plastic crates, rely on biodegradable plastic and bubble wrap, and are committed to planting a tree every time we complete a job.

The St Peters Removalist FAQS

Do you work in the rain?

Rain, hail, or shine, our team will be there on time and ready to make your move from St Peters as seamless as possible. If we get caught in a heavy downpour, we will make every effort to ensure that your furniture and personal belongings are protected from the elements, as well as ensuring your new and old property are not damaged by water or staining during the move.

Do you disassemble and assemble furniture?

Yes, our St Peters removalist team will carefully disassemble and assemble your furniture for no extra cost. Unlike other removal companies in St Peters, we do not charge you extra for this process, instead, we incorporate the cost into our hourly rate so that you don't have to worry about hidden charges or fees at the end of your move.

The Outer Space Removal team and vehicles will arrive fully prepared with tools, drills, and equipment to ensure your relocation goes entirely to plan.

What kind of removal services do you offer in St Peters?

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of St Peters removalist services including:

Deliveries – transporting your purchases items from store to home. Whether you are going from Ikea Tempe to St Peters or from any number of stores around Sydney, we can take care of the job for you.

House Removals – moving your belongings from your old property in St Peters, to your new property in one of two hundred different locations around Sydney.

Office Removals – There are more than a few commercial properties in St Peters, which means that we are here to make sure that your commercial moves are taken care of.

Tipping – we pride ourselves on offering green, sustainable services which means that we will move any unwanted goods from St Peters, to a local waste management or recycling facility.

Storage – from your home or office and into the local storage facility – our team can take care of the entire process for you.

What happens if you are late for a job?

St Peters is located 9.65 kilometres from our Bondi headquarters which means that getting in and out there can sometimes be a challenge. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that every job starts on time (down to the minute), the 9.65 km journey from head office to St Peters can be unpredictable.

To ensure that you are not out of pocket, we will never charge you for time that we spend in traffic on the way to St Peters. You will only be charged from the time that we start moving, until the time that we complete the job.

How can I reduce the total cost of moving?

The best way to reduce the cost of moving in and out of St Peters is to box up all of your goods and have them ready to load into the truck for our team. The more time that our team spends packing, loading, and unpacking, the more the move is going to cost.

It is completely up to you how hands on (or off) you choose to be for your move. Our team can accommodate the way that you want to operate.

How long will the move take?

The total time to complete a removal job in St Peters will depend on whether you are heading to Sydenham, Chatswood, or any of the other 200+ locations around Sydney that our removalists service. It will also depend on how much you are looking to move and how much work is required from our St Peters removalists to get the job done.

For a one-bedroom property, it may take anywhere from 2-3 hours from start to finish to complete the move. On the other end of the spectrum, a large house in St Peters with three to five bedrooms may take five to eight hours to load and unload the trucks. These are only rough estimates and the total time taken to complete your move will depend on your unique, individual property.

How much do removalists cost in St Peters?

The cost of removal services can range from as little as $120 P/H for our ‘Space Van' Van, two person moving service, to $185 P/H for our ‘Space Truck' 4.5 tonne truck, three person moving service. The complete costs of the big move will depend on the service that you select and the total time that it takes to complete the move.

For St Peters, there is no call out fee for within 10km from our headquarters, which includes the Eastern Suburbs, City & North Sydney area.

What happens if parking is tight in St Peters?

While St Peters is a stunning spot to live, it can be difficult to get in and out of. If you can block off space using your rubbish bins or parking cones in the desired area the night before we are due to arrive then it will make things a lot smoother (and cheaper) for your move. We also recommend informing your neighbours of the move so that they are able to plan to any disruption on your street.

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made from recycled materials

Need crates to move your belongings? Hire our heavy duty plastic crates made of recycled materials. All crates are made of recycled plastic and can be used more than 400 times.