Durable Moving Boxes to Make Your Move Easier, Anywhere in Sydney


At Outer Space Removals, we understand that moving house or office is stressful enough without the added hassle of stuff breaking or getting damaged in transit. That’s why, in addition to our industry-leading removalist services, we also provide premium quality plastic boxes for moving anywhere in Sydney.

These aren’t just your standard paper boxes for transporting all your belongings – we’ve revolutionised the packing services with our heavy-duty plastic boxes. These waterproof boxes made of recycled materials are the best option for keeping your belongings safe and sound, all the way from the pick-up point to your drop-off location.

Rain, hail or shine, you can rest assured your possessions will get from Point A to Point B in the same condition they were in before you started packing. At Outer Space Removals, we take every precaution to ensure we exceed your expectations for efficient, reliable, convenient and affordable service – this level of care extends to our durable plastic moving boxes too.

What’s so good about our plastic moving boxes for relocating in Sydney?

  • Made of recycled materials

We are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we use environmentally friendly plastic crates.

  • Strong and secure

Our crates are made from heavy-duty, waterproof plastic and can be securely shut. Your personal items will be safe from damage and no messy tape required. 

  • Reusable packing crates

We’ve said goodbye to cardboard boxes and hello to reusable packing crates. Our moving crates can be used up to 500 times before they get recycled.

  • Waterproof

Stop worrying about the rain! With our waterproof crates, your belongings won’t get wet during the move.

  • Stackable

Our crates stack up inside and on top of each other, and take up minimal space.

  • Perfect size

Our crates are the ideal size for storage and loading into trucks and vans.

    We are Sydney’s premier removalist service, and supplier of industry-leading plastic boxes for moving in Sydney

    We pride ourselves on serving as a convenient one-stop solution for all your relocation needs Sydney-wide. You can rely on us for durable moving boxes, house removals, office relocations, furniture assembly/disassembly, moving heavy or delicate furniture items, and more.

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    Google Rating
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