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Terms and Conditions


Please read this carefully.

 To make things easier for you (and for us) here are a few things to keep in mind before and during the move:

 Our team will be completely briefed about the job with the information you provided us.


Once we agreed on a time slot for your move, we will give you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) during that day. The Team will give you a call or send you an SMS when they are 5 minutes from your location, this is so you can be ready to show them where to park and give them a walkthrough of the job.

Once the job is completed, they will let us know and will request the “release of the payment” so we can mark the job as Completed.

Time starts once the team arrives to the Pick Up address. This means that the time taken finding parking will be included within the quote so be sure to have this sorted.

Time finishes 15 minutes after we have dropped the last item. (This is the average time it takes to charge and start driving to our next job).

-The extra time is charged in increments of 15 minutes. This means that if we go over the estimated time there will be an extra charge every 15min.

-We start charging an overtime after 5 pm, hourly rate x 1.5

-Please take photos of all your items and property prior to the moving, this will be a proof of evidence in case of an incident.

-Please be aware that If we don’t have this evidence, neither us or our insurer will take responsibility for any damage. We are responsible for the items we move and will not respond if third parties are involved.

We trust that our clients make a quick check before we leave to the drop off to make sure nothing is left behind. It is the responsibility of the client to properly inspect the property before heading to the next location. This includes furniture, lights, doors and windows closed, plants, etc.

The client will ensure that the conditions at every location are safe for our team to work. We will not be responsible for damages if there are wet floors, loose parts, broken items, or unsafe places.
The client is free to supervise the team and truck at any time so ensure these conditions.

Parking tickets are not included in our quote. The client will cover any parking cost incurred during the move.
We do not park illegally and we can’t afford to risk a parking fine. In other words, if we get a parking fine we will nominate the customer if he/she insisted on using such parking spot.

-If the customer allows and authorizes illegal parking to speed up the job, the customer will be held responsible for any fines or accidents (other cars colliding, for example) when our truck is stationary.

-Our quote is for our minimum booking time, so don’t take this as a reference of how long it will take.

-This is not our only job for the day, we have allocated and specific time frame for this job. If you need us for the full day the minimum payment is 5 hours. We work 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

WE DON’T ACCEPT LATE PAYMENTS so please be ready to pay or release the payment once the job is completed. It should not take more than 5 minutes, if we go over this time this will be added to the total price of the job.

-Cancelation after 5pm of the previous day won’t be refunded.


Tips to make the job easier for us and cheaper for you:


-Have a spot previously reserved so we can easily park

-Check the best access for the move to be done

-Have your belongings ready to be moved

-Wrap and protect your delicate items prior the move, we can always help you with it if needed (we provide free shrink plastic wrap and bubble wrap)

-Keep the access or hallway clear (we usually start with big items)

-Avoid filling the boxes with heavy contents (boxed might rip)

-Avoid having lose items, use bags/boxes.


If there is anything out of the description that you would like us to do just let our team know and we’ll do our best to give you a hand with it. We are here to help and make your day easier so do not hesitate on contacting us for any matter.



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BSB: 062 123
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